Zach Harrison Insurance Agency

Darrel Geis Faith at Work Spotlights

Company Name: Zach Harrison Insurance Agency

Phone Number: 937-847-9800

Web Address:

Address:  440 W Main St Fairborn OH 45324



Business Description: Zach Harrison Insurance Agency is a family owned independent insurance agency offering Auto, Home, Life, and Business Insurance. They represent multiple companies including Travelers, Safeco, State Auto, Progressive and more. They look forward to meeting and establishing relationships with everyone that calls or comes in their doors looking for a competitive rate on any type of insurance.


  • How is your business different from others in the same line of work? How does that difference benefit your customers? Being a one-man Insurance operation is different I think from most other local insurance agencies. The good thing about this though is you know you are going to be talking to me when you call in and have a question. I am the one who wrote your policy and will recognize you when you call instead of talking to someone you’ve never met. I try to make everything more personal so that you feel comfortable buying your insurance through me.


  • How did you come to faith in Christ? – I started at a young age going to church with my parents who started me into playing guitar with the youth worship band. I went on a youth retreat when I was 12 years old and decided there that I wanted to be baptized and when I got home my father baptized me at our church a few weeks later. I have been a member of that same church to this day.


  • How does being a Christian affect how you conduct your business? – You just see people different when you are a believer. You want to help them and love of them the way Jesus did throughout the Bible. Even on the tough days I always find myself asking God why I’m in this situation. I am here for a reason. It just helps to know that you’re doing a job that has been hand picked for you.


  • What ministry/cause is near and dear to your heart, and why? – I have always been on the worship team at my church. I started when I was 10 years old playing with the youth band and still play on the big stage today. It is just something amazing leading hundreds of people in songs of worship and seeing how they are interacting with God. To watch a room, fill with the holy spirit is something that just fills my heart up.


  • What is one interesting thing about you or your business that most people would not know? So, as an insurance agent some might think that I am just good with people and computers maybe. But, I was actually born into a family of hard working electricians. My Grandpa, dad, uncles, and even brother are all electricians. So, I do have some of that hand tool knowledge and enjoy building things. I’m in the process of finishing my basement right now by myself. I will frame, do the electric, plumbing, floor, hang drywall, etc. I love working with my hands after sitting in an office all day!


  • Why do you advertise in the Christian Blue Network? – I advertise with Christian Blue Network because of our shared belief in an almighty God. I feel like if we all come together as believers and share our businesses with each other and truly run them the way God wants us to he will bless us all. I really believe that Christian Blue Network is doing a great thing by bringing us together in that way.