A Word from the President | Take Advantage of Our Free Coupons and Featured Deals!

In our February newsletter, I gave instructions on how your church, business, or organization can post events for free on our new Trust Blue Review website. This month, I want to highlight our Coupons and Featured Deals section of the website.

If you’re a business owner, and you’d like to post a free Featured (Seasonal) Deal, or add a coupon to this page, click here and submit your request. If you’re a consumer just looking for great deals on products and services, then enjoy the savings!

As we continue on in the season of Lent, I wanted to once again share a blog I wrote a couple years ago this month titled “The Greatest Birthday Gift Ever”. It has a Lenten theme, and is a personal story of a special faith moment in my life I’ll never forget. I trust you’ll enjoy reading it.

In Christ,

Darrel Geis