A Word From the President | Father’s Day

For the past 10 years, I’ve enjoyed the great blessing of being honored by my wife and children with Happy Father’s Day cards and gifts to celebrate this special call of fatherhood God has placed on my life. I am humbled by the responsibility this job entails, and, as many fathers reading this can attest, I often feel like I am in “way over my head”. But fatherhood truly is “the toughest job I’ve ever loved”.

The truth is, I am not alone in this challenging task of being a Dad. God has sent His Holy Spirit to not only guide believing fathers (and mothers) in the tough decisions needed every day, but we Dads have a loving, caring, patient Heavenly Father as our example.

Fortunately, I have a pretty good earthly father to be thankful for as well — Roger Geis of Bradford, PA.

So to both of the “fathers” in my life, I say this…

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you, and am proud to be your son.

God Bless,

Darrel Geis
Christian Blue Network