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Contact Name: Diane Wingerter, Speaker. Author. Strategist

Company Name: The Career Strategist™

Phone Number: 614.390.4227


Address: 396 Oxford Oak Drive, Blacklick, Ohio, 43004

Business Description: Diane Wingerter offers those in Career Transition the strategies and tactics to guide them to a Career and to a Company which they LOVE!  Process spans the entire journey–including how to prepare, select, plan, execute, follow-through & analyze. Together with clients, she creates a plan by design, not by default. This allows her clients to embrace a process infused with prayer and to take control and realize that their future lies in their own hands!  

How did you get started in this line of work? In the Corporate setting, Diane served in roles such as Vice President of Human Resources and personally hired over 1,900 individuals along life’s highway.  As Diane combines her hiring perspective–along with her strong sales and marketing experience–she also infuses prayer, scripture and God’s assistance throughout the journey.  Diane’s ‘success-cocktail’ is designed to conquer and expedite the Career-Journey. Thus, her clients transform from “Hunting2Hired” and when that occurs, they give the Glory to God!

How did you come to faith in Christ?  I ‘grew-up’ in the Church environment since elementary school and it has always been a  part of my life. At the age of 6, I was on a live Christian TV Show, which aired on Sundays.  I served in the Youth Ministry and in the Children’s Ministry for a total of six years. Along life’s highway, I was traveling and working in multiple states and became seriously ill.  At that time, I felt the presence of God & Jesus in my recovery and healing and truly know that God was with me.  He will help you, if you ask, through prayer.  So, I live my life as a ‘Prayer Warrior’ with daily Prayer and with Gratitude, always at the forefront of my mind.   

How does your faith impact the way you do business? Simple, I base my business decisions on biblical principles and do so, with confidence in my decisions.   

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?  Healing is near and dear to me, because of my own experience and that of others who I have prayed for and have received healing. About 3 years ago, I put together a healing prayer guide ‘Healing On The Horizon’ which I send to individuals who are in need of prayer support and guidance.  

Please share a story where you saw God move in your business or impact a customer. God gave me the idea to add Faith to my book.  In 2019, when I originally came up with the title and idea to write Hunting2Hired, the elements of scripture and prayer were not in the concept.  In February of 2020, God said to add Faith into the Book, and I said, yes Sir!  So, when I began to write it during late March of 2020…..I moved forward, full-steam ahead and finished the initial manuscript 5-weeks later! 

Why do you advertise with Christian Blue Network? Three reasons, I want to support a Christian-Based Publication, I want to be ‘associated’ with like-minded Businesses and Business Owners, and I feel the ‘audience’ will appreciate the fact that Faith is infused into my Book–as well as–throughout my one-on-one Consulting.

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