Steve Sato, DDS, Dental Excellence | Dayton, OH

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Name: Steve A Sato D.D.S. | General Dentist

Phone Number: 937-226-1400

Web Address:

Address: 1222 S. Patterson Blvd, DaytonOH 45402



Located in the Wright Health Building, 1222 S. Patterson Blvd near the University of Dayton campus, Dr. Steve Sato provides complete cosmetic and general dentistry. Dr. Sato has been in practice in Dayton for over 20 years and is an eleven-year advertiser in the Christian Blue Network.

“I am a private practice general dentist that offers comprehensive dentistry services,” says Dr. Sato. “As a Christian, I have different life goals that the world’s goals. I really don’t own my own practice; it belongs to God. It’s not about what I want to do-it’s a platform of ministry for Him.”

Why do you advertise in the Christian Blue Pages?

“I think, as important it is for the consumer to find businesses that they can relate to. There’s a two-way street where by the Christian business owners are blessed by Christian clientele, and I believe that Christians should support each other by advertising in the Christian Blue Pages and using those businesses.”

That’s why the Christian Blue Network has been your trusted guide for 25 years. We’re connecting you with trusted businesses like Dr. Steve Sato, DDS.