So Large It Swallows Up Thousands!

By Ken Ham, CEO/President, Answers in Genesis

arkI enjoy driving down I-75 to visit our life-size Ark in Williamstown and asking guests what they think of the new Ark Encounter theme park. The most common exclamation I hear is: “It’s so huge!” Jaws drop in sheer amazement when the shuttle bus rounds the corner and the 510-foot-long Ark comes into view. It really is bigger than imagination.

Many thousands of visitors are pouring in every day to this evangelistic ship. We are getting tremendous responses. Here are just two of the many we have recently received:

“If you’re one who’s waiting because you think it’ll be too crowded, stop worrying. The ark is so large, it swallows up thousands, and you are NOT elbow to elbow.”

“My husband and I were there on opening day . . . the Ark is [so] big that you hardly notice how crowded it is. It was a wonderful day.”

Yes, the crowds at the Ark have been big. But as our guests are telling us, the ship is so huge that it doesn’t feel overwhelming or crowded inside. Just like Noah’s Ark over 4,000 years ago had plenty of room for all the animals, supplies, and quarters for the family of eight, our Ark today has ample room for thousands and thousands of guests.

Future Expansion Coming Soon

We’re excited about future phases at the Ark. Construction on a nomad village and a multi-purpose theater will begin soon. We’re also working on opening a fine-dining restaurant on the roof level, which will feature a gorgeous view of the Northern Kentucky countryside.

Later, we will build a walled city. It is currently under design. You’ll want to visit again and again.

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