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Contact Name: Tammy Moorman

Title: Owner

Company Name: Rustiques                         

Phone Number: 937-916-4022     

Web Address:                                

Address: 987 E. Ash St. Piqua, Ohio 45356 Miami Valley Centre Mall      


  • Please describe your business:

This is a lovely home décor store with any one of a kind items. The store has a wide range of price points to choose from. You can find something for your home or buy that perfect gift for someone and stay within your budget. The linens, curtains, braided rugs all come in so many different sizes and colors, there is something for every home in this shop. They also have many different candles to choose from as well as melts for warmers. The florals are outstanding and the jewelry choices are fantastic.


  • How is your business different from others in the same line of work? How does that difference benefit your customers?

We offer great customer service. We really want our customers to be happy with what we send them home with.

Our displays also offer great ideas for customers.


  •  How did you come to faith in Christ?

Going to church with my Grandmother and hanging out with a good group of Christians. I remember it very well, when I was sixteen years old I felt the Lord’s presence in the heart and my feet started pulling me up front. This was the most important day of my life and I owe it to the Lord giving Rev. Kissinger that special message on that Sunday.


  • How does being a Christian effect how you conduct your business?

Bottom line, everything belongs to God. My relationship with Jesus keeps me grounded. I want to do everything for his glory, even when it hurts. I am thankful the Lord is a forgiving God. Sometimes I do fail and have to ask for forgiveness, so I pick myself up, get over it, thank God for forgiving me and go on.


  • What ministry/cause is near and dear to your heart, and why?

March of Dimes. So many babies have been lost.


  • What is one interesting thing about you or your business that most people would not know? 

I started as a consignee in my Mother’s store in 1990. I worked three jobs and saved enough money in one year to became a partner with my Mom in 1991. We opened Country Cupboard and Rustiques. In 2008 my husband and I bought out my mother’s share and renamed it Rustiques.


  • Why do you advertise in the Christian Blue Network?

Because it wraps itself around God. The fact that they pray for the businesses or any need, means the world to me and our staff.

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