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Contact Name: Rosalind Smith Sistrunk

Title:  Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Company Name: Rosalind Smith Counseling, LLC

Phone Number:  513-370-7460  

Web Address:

Address: 431 Ohio Pike, Suite 156, Cincinnati, OH 45255

  • Please describe your business here: 

Rosalind Smith Counseling LLC is a Christian-based mental health private practice that helps individuals, couples, and families heal from emotional pain and trauma. The focus is on relationship counseling because life involves the development and maintenance of various types of relationships. Clients will obtain tools and concepts that can be used to help repair and prevent future relationship ruptures. This process will help them develop a mindset that is focused on building and maintaining healthy relationships. The clients receive a personalized counseling experience tailored to help cultivate a stronger foundation by identifying and removing barriers that negatively impact their relationships.

  • How did you come to faith in Christ?

I grew up in a Christian home with parents who had significant leadership roles in our Church. My Dad is a Deacon, and my Mom has served in several ministries over the years. I also have been in leadership since an early age. I grew up with Christ. He has been with me throughout my entire life. I don’t know what it is like not to have Him with me, and I don’t want to experience life without Him.

  • How does your faith impact the way you do business?

My faith drives every aspect of the way that I do business. I couldn’t connect and positively impact people’s lives if I didn’t rely on my relationship with God. He is the ultimate source of knowledge when it comes to caring for his children. It is an honor and privilege to be chosen by God to help support kingdom building in this capacity.

  • Please share a story where you saw God move in your business or impact a customer.

Throughout my life, I have found myself in many listening and advice seeking situations initiated by family, friends, and members of my church, a real gift that I realized much later in life. God impacted my business long before I became a licensed counselor. My journey began one Sunday after church, I was shocked when one of my fellow church members asked me to counsel her and her husband. I immediately said, “I’m not a counselor,” and suggested that they set up some appointments with the Pastor, but she said, “No, we want you.” I went to my Pastor’s wife and said, “Are you kidding me? They want me to counsel them? I’m trying to work on my own marriage. Besides, I’m not a counselor how could I possibly help them?” She said, “God sent them to you so go pray and ask Him what to do.” I did just that. I asked Him to show me what He needed me to do. The couple was able to work through their issues to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. It has been over ten years since I first met with that couple and every now and then, I let them know that they are my inspiration. Unfortunately, my own marriage did not survive; however, the joy of seeing one that was so troubled survive was a special blessing to me. During the divorce process, I sought counsel for myself and my son. My counselor noticed my gift and encouraged me to pursue a degree in counseling. Through my work in counseling, my heart and mind clearly opened for me to see how God used me as His vessel to help encourage and support so many lives. My life has been richly blessed by each of them.

God paved the way for me to start my own private practice after obtaining my license. All those years ago, He was preparing me for such a time as this. I have had the awesome opportunity to witness many individuals and couples connect with God and improve the quality of their lives and relationships. I have learned a great deal about myself experiencing these moments in my life. I learned that even a spiritually strong person can benefit from counseling. My passion for learning and helping others has always been with me. I think the most impactful thing that I learned was that it is never too late for God to use you and to pursue your passion. Today, God has allowed me to use the most painful points in my life to experience some beautiful and wonderful moments in my life. I feel great joy while working with my clients and seeing the transformation of their lives from our initial meeting. There is no doubt in my mind that I was purposed to be a counselor. I absolutely love my work!

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  1. Rosalind (Doc) is such an inspiration to me, been serving the youth alongside her since 2012… She’s always had my back and she’s helped me through some rough patches in my life! Keep Grinding Roz
    P.S. I Sent This Link To RL

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