Randall Huffer | Polaris Family & Sport Chiropractic | Columbus, OH

Darrel Geis Faith at Work Spotlights

“We help people that are in pain get out of pain, all without the use of drugs and surgery,” says Dr. Randall Huffer. “We’re missionaries disguised as chiropractors. We pray with the patients before we begin treatment and once a year we have a patient appreciation day where everyone receives free treatment, and all our donations go towards Christian outreach programs such as Young Life or Food for the Poor. We take people’s help very seriously in our office and we have a lot of joy and laughter in our office as well.”

That’s what makes the Christian Blue Network so distinctive and trusted; effectively connecting you, the customer, with Christian-owned businesses such as Polaris Family & Sport Chiropractic. For more information about Dr. Huffer, visit his website today.