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Practical Ideas on How to Shine the Light of Christ at Work

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If you are looking for practical ways to shine the light of Christ through your business (and personal) life, I offer these suggestions below – through prayer, what you share, how you care, and what you “wear”. Choose which ideas work best work given your situation, then trust God these actions will bear fruit.

Prayer – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Be joyful always, pray continually…”

  1. Pray for your clients, vendors, and staff
  2. Plan a weekly staff prayer time and/or devotional
  3. Open and close every meeting in prayer
  4. When a need arises, pray for someone right then, instead of saying “I’ll pray for you”
  5. Offer a prayer for your meal at restaurants; ask your server ahead of time if they have a prayer request you can
  6. Pray on the full armor of God at the start of your day
  7. Pray Psalm 5:3 – then wait expectantly


  1. Tell your faith story regularly – with believers first – until you are comfortable telling it to others.
  2. If you love someone, tell them, and tell them that God loves them, too.
  3. Share your organization’s core (faith) principles and stories of God’s amazing grace in your company on a “Who
    We Are” section of your company website (see as an example)
  4. Blog stories of faith – see
  5. Add a Faith section in your company e-newsletter
  6. Populate social media with Biblical encouragements, mixed in quotes from inspirational leaders. Like our
    Christian Blue Network Facebook page and share our distinctively Christian content on your FB page.
  7. Take advantage of holidays like Easter (including Lent), Mother’s and Father’s Days, Memorial Day,
    Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to share the Good News on social media.
  8. Send birthday cards to clients that include a scriptural encouragement.
  9. Company Christmas parties – take time to share the birth of Christ story, or go caroling (see Simply wish people “Merry Christmas”. God’s word never returns void.

Care (Demonstrate the love of Christ)

  1. Promote Christian causes in your organization’s print or e-newsletter
  2. Tell people “God bless you today” verbally, on voicemail, etc.
  3. Collaborate with ministries, other organizations, or individuals on faith-based community initiatives.
  4. Apply the Matthew 18 principle if have an issue with a brother or sister in the Lord, or anyone.
  5. Grow in understanding of faith/work/life balance – check out resources found at

Wear (Indirect Witnessing Opportunities)

  1. “DO wear your faith on your sleeve” — view advertising as an opportunity to reach clients AND witness – include
    Christian symbols, scriptural references in print advertising, web, mobile, and broadcast advertising.
  2. Add a Faith statement or symbol on your business card, brochure (print and digital).
  3. Play Christian music in the background of your waiting room/lobby/office
  4. Place a Bible and other Christian material in your waiting room/lobby/office
  5. Offer Christian giveaway items at your trade show booth
  6. Wear Christian attire at events.
  7. As long as it is in good taste, put a Christian bumper sticker on your car (i.e.
  8. Advertise on (and play) Christian radio – many “flipping through dial” come to Christ through radio ministry.
  9. If you haven’t already, advertise in the Christian Blue Network (we’ll help shine your light and tell your story).

If you practice other ways to bring the Good News into your work world, I’d love to hear from you!

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