Power Graphics, Inc. Action Sports Apparel

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Company Name: Power Graphics, Inc. Action Sports Apparel, dba

Phone Number: 330.848.9300

Web Address: www.actionsportsapparel.net

Address: 3070 Wadsworth Road, Ste B, Norton, Ohio 44203

Business Description:

Power Graphics, Inc./ Action Sports Apparel is a full-service print production facility with over 20 years of experience. Our goal is exceptional customer service, on time delivery and quality. Experience in completing projects include but not limited to graphic design, decals, signs, t-shirts, decorated apparel, websites, printing, retail graphics installations…

Nyles (Nick) E. Reinfeld – Born in Ohio and raised in the Akron area Nyles loves his community and the people here. Nyles is a graduate of the University of Akron with a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design studies. He paid for college with several scholarships, working for his father manufacturing/ selling recycling equipment and finalized the degree while supervising production and sales at several different corporations. At Annaco, in Akron, Nyles had the opportunity to manage larger groups of people and market services. His skills in marketing, production and supervision propelled him into production supervision jobs including Alside Windows, on a new construction line, and in Lordstown were he helped manage a production line that manufactured seats for General Motors. In 1999, after completing his degree, Nyles incorporated Power Graphics to utilize his experience and design skills. Power Graphics is a graphic design agency with full service printing production solutions. Today Power Graphics is again growing with the acquisition of Action Sports Apparel and the apparel decorating business.

  • How is your business different from others in the same line of work? How does that difference benefit your customers? We’re a graphic design company that prints. This drives us to exceptional quality and my production background drives us towards awesome turnaround times. None of that works unless we have awesome people. You’ll enjoy working with our professional customer care staff, our creative graphic designers and a production staff that are truly craftsmen.


  • How did you come to faith in Christ? I came to faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when I was very young, but my journey has taken me down some rough roads. I really became convicted to Christ 20 years ago when I met my wife Melinda. I had screwed up relationships and found my life was empty. I had great success at work and made more money then I knew what to do with. I had a discussion with my pastor at the time, Ryley Wilson, who advised that I write down all the things I felt bad about. It was tough because I had really gone down the wrong road. It took a while, but I handed him the slip of paper and I was ready to debate each issue I caused. Ryley didn’t even look at the paper. He just held it and stared at me. “Nick”, Ryley asked, “Do you believe Jesus is God, he hung on the cross where he bore your sins, died and three days later rose from the dead?” I just responded, “I guess so”. Ryley looked at me sternly and asked me again, “Do you believe Jesus is God, he hung on the cross where he bore your sins, died and three days later rose from the dead?”. “Yes!,” I said. Ryley looked down at the list I had written, he folded it and tore it into what seemed like a million pieces. “You are forgiven!”, he said as I about fell off my chair.


How does being a Christian affect how you conduct your business? I wish I had something profound to say but it’s been a learning process. I quit my high paying job and started my own business in 1999. It’s been a rough long journey of successes and failures. God has used the experience to draw me close. It’s probably not so much how being a Christian effects my business as much as allowing God to effect my business. God owns my business! God owns everything I have. Job said naked I came into this world and naked I leave, praise the Lord! If God owns the business and is the CEO, CFO and Provider I’m his manager. I belong to him and the longer I’m in business the more I have learned to trust him in every aspect.

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