Joseph’s Handyman Services, LLC

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Contact Name: Joseph Bily, Owner

Business Name: Joseph’s Handyman Services, LLC

Business Address: 8456 Island Pines Place Maineville, OH 45039


Business Phone: (513) 488-3947

Business Description:
I am a retired residential contractor with 30 years experience with skill in all facets of residential construction, including electric and plumbing. My previous wide range of experiences include home restoration and renovation; however, at this time  my primary interest is supplementing my retirement income and providing a service to our community. My reasonable rate is $65 per hour, while offering discounts for seniors and repeat customers. As an additional benefit, actual material costs are calculated directly for my customers without markup. The purchase of initial supplies is charged as a negotiated one-time fee at a reduced rate. At the completion of my work at your residence, consider my referral program that benefits both parties with rewards awarded based upon a complete and paid referral. I strive to a standard that you would recommend my work to friends!

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?
My dad always made craftsman tools available to me growing up. I would follow him around the house as a young boy and learn how to use them. God gave me a gift of spacial orientation, and ability of nimbleness with my hands. Jesus put the desire on my heart to go into residential remodeling and use what He gave me. I worked with and studied computers for a view years, but always came back to working with my hands. The computer interest did prepare me for self employment and I feel God did that for a reason.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
I was brought up as a Christian and rejected Christianity early in my adult life. Because of this I had a good familiarity with the Gospels during my estrangement. During this period of my life I feel Jesus was carrying me. Later my daughter gave me the book, “Beautiful Outlaw,” by John Eldredge. This brought the world of Jesus, as a person and relationship, to me. Then, one Easter Sunday about 10 years ago I watched “Passion of the Christ” again with my daughter. On the way home I felt the strong presence of Christ with me. For the first time in my life I took the works of Jesus personally. “He did that for me,” I said to myself and cried. This was the moment I was truly saved. From this moment on I became a “sponge” for reading spiritual writings with the Holy Spirit. I always make my best effort to keep His presence in mind and follow Him.

How does your faith impact the way you do business?
I see myself as no better than anybody else. Blessed with talents? Yes. All people are good at something. Jesus came to restore us and the world. This inspires me to do restorative work for others both worldly and spiritually. I want to do His work. I try to stay aware of the Spirit at all times, and help wherever I can. This enables me to establish trusting and loyal relationships with my clients. I try to keep contracts and business dealings fluid with nothing cut in stone, always living up to my job estimates.

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?
I have an idea for a ministry that I need help with. I am currently seeking individuals who might like to get involved. Some trailer parks and neighborhoods have residents having difficult times with resources, to do simple repairs around their home. I would like to start a ministry of craftsmen that would address these issues maybe meeting two or three times a month at these troubled places. I know there are many details to work out, and this is why I am looking for help.

This bit of restorative work can go a long way to restore a person’s peacefulness and faith. We all know how frustrating it is when an item doesn’t work or is awkward to use. Many people live surrounded by frustrations reminding them of their present unfortunate circumstances. These acts of kindness could restore a person or families faith that someone cares, and many good things could come from it.

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