International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen (IFCB)

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Contact Name:  Earl J. Blanks, MBA

Your Title:  President, Cincinnati Chapter, IFCB

Company/Organization Name:  International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen                        

Phone Number:  513-236-9126                                    

Web Address:

Address:  IFCB; P.O. Box 498274; Cincinnati, Ohio 45249                               

  • Please describe your business here: 

IFCB is an organization of Christian and Professional businessmen whose purpose is to impact business culture by promoting sound moral and ethical standards in the workplace.  These standards are based on Godly, Biblical principles.  To accomplish this goal, IFCB creates an environment for Christians and like-minded business and professional men to: (1)learn  how to use the wisdom of the power of  the Word of God in their business and professional lives; and (2) create a culture where men can find relationships they can count on.  The IFCB Fellowship is facilitated by monthly luncheons with “Salt Talks” from fellow Christian Businessmen or  “guest speakers”;  monthly Roundtables – “small groups” ; and other special activities.

  • How did you come to faith in Christ?

I came to know the Lord decades ago as a child of 12 years old when I joined the “Mourner’s bench” during a revival at my southern Baptist church.  After confessing my belief in Christ that night, I also asked God to let me feel the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that I would remember.  I soon received a “Spiritual” burning all over my body that led me to openly express praises to the Lord during the revival service.  From that day, my faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has grown and been the enabling force in my life and the life of my family each day.

  •  How does your faith impact the way you do business?

My Faith in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit impacts the way I do business because I view God as my partner in every business decision.  I have discovered that by viewing God as my partner and praying before any new undertaking, things always go better.  There is a certain peace to be experienced, regardless of what one is going through.  This peace extends to my customers, employees, suppliers and others with whom I work.   God always provides.

  • Please share a story where you saw God move in your business or impact a customer.

Three years ago, the Founder and President of IFCB Cincinnati Chapter stepped down after 26 years of dedicated service to the Cincinnati Chapter of IFCB, due to health concerns.  Attendance at the luncheons began to falter.  However, through prayer and the focus on creating a “Spiritual” experience for the men,  God has allowed the current Management Team to inject a new vitality in the monthly luncheons.  Attendance this year is up 34% versus a year ago, with an increasingly diverse group of Christians.  We pray that there will always be men willing to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Great Commission: Matthew 28:19&20).


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