FSR Landscape, LLC

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Contact Name: Arlin Filbrun

Your Title: Owner/President

Company Name: FSR Landscape, LLC

Phone Number: (937).313.1184

Web Address: www.fsrlandscape.com


  • Please describe your business: FSR Landscape LLC, offers complete residential and commercial landscaping services, from design to completion, including hardscapes, retaining walls, pergolas, water features, constant care, mowing, and snow removal.


  • How is your business different from others in the same line of work?  We stand behind our world work with integrity and strive to listen carefully to each client’s need.


  • How did you come to faith in Christ? By seeing God at work in others lives and then in my own.


  • How does being a Christian affect how you conduct your business? Always do everything with integrity. 80% of FSR’s work comes from satisfied clients or neighbors watching the work ethics of the crew.


  • What ministry/cause is near and dear to your heart, and why? Foster care — Serving the community.


  • What is one interesting thing about you or your business that most people would not know? Out of high school, Arlin started a snow removal business. He still has his original client today that he had in 1992.


  • Why do you advertise in the Christian Blue Network? Because people want to be able to trust they are going to get quality work and someone who stands behind mistakes made or other issues that might occur.



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