Friends in Action International

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Contact Name: Paul Brosey, Owner

Business Name: Friends In Action International

Business Address: PO Box 323 Elizabethtown PA 17022


Business Phone: 717-546-0208

Business Description:
We are a faith based mission committed to getting the Gospel to the least reached people groups in the hardest places on earth.  We utilize our talents and abilities to exercise our ‘blue collar’ bent in assisting other agencies who focus on church planting, evangelism and discipleship.  We build airstrips; dig water wells; build missionary housing, clinics and training centers; and we build roads in difficult regions to create better access.  We are presently working for approval for a 16 mile, gravity fed water system to bring clean water to 30 villages, several clinics and schools in the island nation of Vanuatu.  We proclaim Christ when we can but our emphasis to  show our love for Christ and the unreached through construction.  We utilize many volunteers and are always looking to expand our base of volunteers willing to assist us in our mission focus.  We are also looking for men and women who are sensing God’s call to being involved in missions using their skills and abilities.

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?
I learned to use my hands while working my way through Bible College and then capitalized on theses skills during my married life.  I used my Bible training as a lay leader in the Church and my learned skills to show and teach biblical principles to those I worked with and for.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was ten, was baptized in a farm pond and sought to grow in my spiritual journey by taking notes on Sunday mornings from the Pastor’s sermons, reading my Bible, listening to Christian radio and eventually, attending Bible College in Philadelphia, now known as Cairn University.  I am now involved in my church as an Elder with an oversight of training other Elders and encouraging our Senior Pastor and the Pastor of Outreach.

How does your faith impact the way you do business?
When I was 64 I stepped away from the business world and committed the next 10 – 15 years having a direct impact on the Great Commission through using the skill-sets that I learned.  I am with Friends in Action, International as a Teams Coordinator and Leadership Development.  I have led work teams to Nicaragua, and Vanuatu.  I have been to Moldova teaching College students principles of Church leadership.  I have encouraged missionaries in South Africa with a team from our church; visited our daughter and family in the jungles of Brazil and Peru and have recruited others to join in this unique opportunity to use our ‘blue collar’ skills on the front lines of missions.

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?
Friends in Action, International gives me the unique opportunity to use my spiritual giftedness and my learned skills in the construction industry.  This blend brings great fulfillment of physically building  for the Church and also directly building the spiritual aspect of the Church universal.  I get to teach building skills and spiritual principles into the live of volunteers and national believers and unbelievers.  How much better can it get!!!

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