Faith Christian Bookstore

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Contact Name: Todd Anderson

Your Title: Owner

Company Name: Faith Christian Bookstore

Phone Number: 937-878-1073

Address: 4 E Main Street Fairborn, OH 45324


  • Please describe your business:

Faith Christian Bookstore has been providing Fairborn and the surrounding areas with faith-based gifts, music, Bibles and church supplies for over 35 years.

  • How is your business different from others in the same line of work? How does that difference benefit your customers?

We offer a more intimate shopping experience than other larger stores. We are committed to taking the time required to meet each of our customer’s individual needs. This commitment to our customers encourages more personal relationships that ultimately allow us to better serve them.

  • How did you come to faith in Christ?

I was raised in a Christian home but chose to turn my back on God and run away believing I could hide. After years of this, I found myself lost and wandering without any sense of purpose. It was then that Christ in His mercy reached down and pulled me up and opened my eyes. He showed me that He was the truth I had been seeking.

  • How does being a Christian affect how you conduct your business?

We are representatives of Christ in all we do. As Christians, we are called to be a Light in a dark world. We place this duty at the forefront of all our business practices.

  • What ministry/cause is near and dear to your heart, and why?

Miami Valley Women’s Center is near and dear to our hearts. Abortion and the right to life are principal to our missions as Christians and in this country being informed about the connection between our healthcare system and abortion should be vital to our walk with Christ. Miami Valley Women’s Center is a Christ-centered outreach that has become a prominent force informing our community about these very real issues.

  • Why do you advertise in the Christian Blue Network?

Christian Blue Network is our go-to source for finding Christian services offered in our area, therefore, we want to be part of this wonderful Christian networking system.


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