Faith Built LLC

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Contact Name: Robert Rubio, Owner

Business Name: Faith Built LLC

Business Address: 820 Highridge Ave


Business Phone: 19372607340

Business Description:
At Faith Built, our name says it all. We are a company built on faith. We know that every gift and blessing comes from the Lord. We take those gifts and talents he has given us and use them to be a blessing to others. Our ultimate goal is to be a blessing to everyone involved. We strive to one day fully fund mission trips and outreaches. We provide a large variety of services from small remodeling to new construction. Blessing people in Dayton and surrounding areas with over 20 years experience.

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?
My passion for designing , building, and helping people.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
I had many trials and tribulations that left me completely broken and in need of a Savior.

How does your faith impact the way you do business?
My faith holds me accountable to try my very best and to what is right in all situations.

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?
To use my gifts and talents for the Lord.

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