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The Wind Bender Specialist that came to my house was: polite, professional, on time, execute the problem and well groomed.

Julia G.
January, 2019

Mike worked quickly and did a great job!!!! He got our water heater working again!!! Great customer service!

Nicole R.
January, 2019

Your plumber, Raven, just left my house , & I have to say he is probably one of the most efficient and most personable technicians I have had the privilege to work with. He definitely gets a 5-star rating from me, and in the future if I need a plumber, I would hope he would be sent back for any work needed.

Ron W.
January, 2019

We had some issues with a toilet in our company's home office building (that we share with multiple businesses), and Wind Bender's technician Mike arrived promptly to investigate.

Mike was friendly, knowledgeable, and was able to diagnose the issue correctly. He worked hand in hand with the building's property owner to correct the problem that was affecting all the businesses in the building.

Mike also did a GREAT job cleaning after his work. I'd recommend Wind Bender highly - 5 stars!

Darrel G.
September, 2019

We have had Wind Bender out to our house what seems like once a month since we purchased the home in April. From Pipe Leaks and clogged pipes to our outdated Water Heater that had to be brought up to code, these guys have been great. Their entire staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!

Matt K.
January, 2019

Josh was super helpful. He was able to quickly diagnose and clearly explain the problem with our unit. He was friendly and polite, telling us what we can expect and also helping identify our next steps. Management didn't want to help since we were going through a home warranty.

David B.
January, 2019

Quick, efficient and knowledgeable...they work tell you what you want to hear they tell you what you need to hear. Had 1 company tell me I needed a new has heater and another saying I didn' I did what any homeowner would do. Called a Wind Bender for a second opinion. Got a great explanation of what the tests were for and most importantly an explanation as to why I did not need a replacement!!!

January, 2019

I contacted Windbender for my furnace cleaning and inspection because I was so impressed by the service and professionalism I experienced with them when they installed my unit a few years ago. Erick was the servicer that came today and he exemplifies that same professionalism and courtesy. He was very patient in explaining the adjustments he made and the benefits. He answered all my questions and even took the time to explain the annual service plan they offer and how it can save myself some money! Who doesn't want that?! I highly recommend Windbender!

Kimberly P.
November, 2019

Erick from Winder Bender Mechanical was fast to respond and take care of the problem. He was very polite and knowledgeable. It was a very simple fix and he did not try to claim it was more complex in order to charge more.

October, 2019

Their technician, Erik, was very professional, and when he discovered that my wife had a home daycare, he expedited the parts needed to fix the furnace

Ronald W.
January, 2019

They have always been very professional. I have always had a very positive experience with them whenever they would come out to service me. I have also recommended them to other people as well. The work is very very good and they also do a very good clean up. Which I am very impressed with.

Shirley J.
August, 2018

A service engineer from Wind Bender came to review our heating furnace. He was the third service person who came to look at the unit. He was very hands on, took time to discuss and understand the problem. He opened several parts of the unit and started looking inside. He then attached probes and examined and found two issues which he then fixed. In total 1.5 hours, he did a fabulous job and we could see a noticeable difference in experience. We rarely find service guys who are so good and thorough. Most try to sell you a new furnace with installment plan. I endorse and recommend Wind Bender for any of your heating needs.

Julian D.
August, 2018

I couldn’t be happier. Their plumbing tech arrived right on time, got to work, did a great job of installing my new faucet and cleaned up! He was polite and friendly. He even cleaned the counter where the old faucet had left a ring . He was very quick too. I don’t think I have ever had a plumbing job done so well so quickly.

Sandy S.
August, 2018

Mike did a first class professional job on our shower. We recommend Mike and Wind Bender Mechanical highly.

Marilyn D.
January, 2019

Wind Bender was awesome. Great communication from the company. Kept in touch every step of the way and even communicated well with our home warranty company. We had a toilet replaced and they were very diligent during the entire process. We would highly recommend them. Their plumbing tech was fantastic and had the new toilet put in and even took the time to explain the new functions.

Jennifer M.
August, 2018

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