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Refreshing 90.9 FM WFCO

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I think it is awesome, and I try to listen when I can. Glad for the local sports they broadcast

Jackye G. .
December, 2016

A great way to stay in touch with what's happening in our community.

Jamey M. .
December, 2016

So glad that we have a positive music station in our own home town!! Love it!!

Juanita B.
December, 2016

Each day when I turn on the radio, I am so happy to have those familiar voices of the ones I know and love in our community. Everything is encouraging and upbeat and prayerful and good and godly on this station.

Charleen S.
December, 2016

I listen to this wonderful radio station every day on my way to work. I not only enjoy the uplifting spiritual music, but also the current events that are discussed. I thank God for this wonderful ministry.

Francie B.
December, 2016

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