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My family hired Rebecca Allf on a child custody case. She went above and beyond to present my granddaughter. She was honest very thorough and her faith in God was a plus for us. Hopefully we want need her again because the case was won, but if we do she will be the one. Reasonable price also.

Shree P.
March, 2019

I had a pricey consultation with one question to have answered. A month later and I still have not received an email from Ms. Alf. Very disappointing. Not a good reflection on the Blue Pages.
Sharon J.

Response by Rebecca Allf:
I had what I believed to be a positive consultation with Ms. Johnson, for over an hour, after explaining my hourly rate beforehand, on the phone. I was surprised, therefore, to learn, several weeks later from the Christian Blue Pages, that she was so unhappy. We discussed many issues and I believe I adequately answered all of her questions except one, which she asked as she was leaving, and I promised to follow-up with an answer. I explained that this area of the law was in flux, somewhat, due to current court rulings which I wanted to research before giving an answer. I spoke with several attorneys who practiced in that area of law who were unaware of the new precedent and I did legal research on this issue, which took two hours of work, for which I did not charge.
Once I had the answer, I attempted to contact Ms. Johnson several times for over a week, but received no response to emails or calls. She did respond, after I contacted the Blue Pages for assistance, but told me she no longer needed the information. Perhaps it took me longer than she expected to respond, but I did not want to give a half answer to her very important question, which turned out to be more involved, I believe, than either of us realized.

Sharon J.
May, 2018

Rebecca Allf has my highest recommendation. She took over one year to help me through the legal steps necessary for my divorce. She is professional yet cares about her clients. Her work helped me through a very difficult time and my family is better for it.

Charity K.
August, 2017

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