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I used Page's Carpet to replace newly laid carpet that was damaged by a leaking hot water tank. Not only did they do a great job, I was able to replace the rebonded padding with moisture barrier, non-rebonded pad! Thanks for helping us return to life before the flood.

Bobbi J.
March, 2019

We were moving into a new home and wanted to replace the entire upstairs carpet. We only had 2 days to move from our old home to the new one. We went to Pages and scheduled our carpet to be laid on the day we were moving in. They put us on the schedule and they arrived early to get carpet installed as quickly as possible. We were then able to get everything moved in within our timeline. Thanks!

Casey W.
February, 2019

When I was wanting to replace the carpet in the high-traffic areas of my home, I was not sure what to go with. Pages suggested their Luxury Vinyl, real wood look with very low maintenance and great wear. We absolutely love it, thanks for the suggestion!

Cindy D.
February, 2019

Used Page's Flooring for all the flooring in my new home a few years back, and couldn't be happier with the quality of material, service, pricing and the overall help I received for my project. I will certainly return to them when it's time to purchase again. Couldn't be happier with the product and service.

Barb A.
February, 2019

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