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The Lifeway Christian Store in Castleton always has friendly and helpful employees. When I've need a gift, the're available to help me pick the right one. When I've needed help in selecting a Bible, I found Rhonda very knowledgeable of what kinds I could choose. My wife and I recently picked out some unique Christian wall art for our home. With their coupons and sales, we picked out something we could actually see, and it is just right - at more than 20% off compared to online prices, even compared to Amazon. Yes, we were surprised and very pleased. Thank you Lifeway Christian Stores

Mark J.
February, 2019

I never have trouble finding what I need at Lifeway Christian Stores. They have a great selection of Bible, books, gifts, music, etc!

Brian H.
March, 2019

Very friendly & helpful employees. Great customer service.

Cindy D.
February, 2019

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