Dominion Academy of Dayton


I love that the faculty and staff treat each child as an individual and are willing to work with each one according to their needs. They truly care about the success of each student.

Sandra G.
January, 2019

My grand children attend and my daughter works there. It has made such a positive impact on their lives. I wish it been there when Stacey was going to school. I know it would have been better for her. Thumbs up to the staff for you are making a great place for young people to learn and thrive.

Shirley P.
January, 2019

Dominion is a small school, but the level of education a student receives is on par or even superior to anything you'll find in the region. The school is pretty rigorous, so it might be intimidating for those that don't want to put in the work needed to succeed.

It's a good school for those looking to form a good educational base with a Christian worldview. However, it's not the place for those looking for athletic scholarships or easy passes academically. I give it 5-stars because I value the emphasis on faith and mental rigor.

James S.
January, 2019

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