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My family and I have visited the Creation Museum several times. It seems like every time we go back there is something new or something we missed before. It is a great experience no matter what your age! What a great way to bring the word alive and teach what the Bible has to say about creation!

Brian H.
March, 2019

My wife and I visited the Creation Museum, and we were excited to learn so much from so many different exhibits. My favorite area was the planetarium. My wife really enjoyed the petting zoo, especially with all of the excited children. What a great learning experience for everyone!

Mark J.
March, 2019

As a lifetime member of the Creation Museum, I have visited there on my own and with my family many, many times. The recent updates they did to the already state of the art exhibits are exceptional, and the entire experience - from the planetarium, to the exhibits, to the food, to the botanical gardens, to the petting zoo - will keep you coming back.

Darrel G.
February, 2019

The Creation Museum is very detailed and wonderfully designed. There are so many things to see and do, the Bible comes to life as you walk through the exhibits. There are many fun things to do outside the Museum as well, zip-lining, camel riding, or even walking through the beautiful gardens.

Cindy D.
February, 2019

I went here after the Ark and throughly enjoyed it. The museum was very informative and explained in detail the creation process. The animation made it very interesting. The children were able to understand the creation. The museum was very colorful and animal were full life. There were pictures and wax figures through out. I recommend this museum for any age. There was a lot to see so be prepared to spend time. There were people to answer questions and offer guidance. Animated Dinosaurs were explained in the time period.

Patty .
December, 2017

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