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Childress & Cunningham Inc

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Great professional architects and designers

James H.
June, 2019

Great resource for architecture and construction management. They're skilled a big projects, small projects, and difficult constraints.

Scott H.
June, 2019

we chose Childress and Cunningham because they had the most diverse background as well as the most experience for the project, and they were not only an architect, but could also construction manage - put the project together.

Susan S.
July, 2018

They learned a lot about us before the first drawing was even presented to us , and they came away with a lot more ideas than the other two architects, so that was kind of an easy choice when we chose Childress and Cunningham.

Noel S.
July, 2018

Contact Information

  • 2355 Park Ave
    Cincinnati, OH 45206
    United States
  • Phone: (513) 281-3500
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