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Ron really knows his stuff! It was a pleasure working with Ron and learning the voice acting business. He covers all aspects of what you need to know, including constructing your studio, marketing yourself and running your business. Ron’s many years of experience in the business, and his ability to convey his knowledge in a systematic and concise way, certainly make him one of the premier voice actors in the business!

Mark S.
December, 2017

A BIG thank you for all your guidance and professional counsel throughout my 16 session training program! I feel like I have grown from a complete novice in the industry to someone who is ready to go to market with confidence and an expectation of success. It is crystal clear to me that attempting to pursue this business without your training would have been a complete disaster.

Thank you for your patience and candid feedback. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me as I begin this new venture!

Brian B.
December, 2017

Ron, many, many thanks for your training and instruction in Voice Over!

Your training is thorough, complete, and challenging. With it, you open the door to the possibilities and huge potential of working (or maybe it’s playing!) as a voice over talent. I would urge everyone who is hoping to get into Voice Over to take your training as soon as possible. Thanks to your inspiration and encouragement, I’m looking forward to a long and fascinating career in Voice Acting!

Brian D.
December, 2017

In ten weeks, I went from having a general idea of how to enter the voiceover business, to having a solid foundation of technique, a polished, professional demo tape, and a path to pursue paying jobs. If you want a voice coach to hold your hand and tell you what you want to hear, RonÂ’s course isnÂ’t for you. However, if you’re ready to check your ego at the door, listen to his direction, and put in the work, then I highly recommend Ron Allan and Big Voice Productions.

Chad J
August, 2016

I took your voice over class and I have to tell you, I didn't really understand half of what you were going to teach me. I thought that the voice over business was all talent, and knowing somebody who knew somebody. You opened my eyes to a wonderful new world. You invested your time into the talent I had and made it grow exponentially. Ron, I honestly felt you were investing in me as much as I was myself. You just don't see that these days, and it sets you apart in such a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing your God given talent to help me chase my dreams! God Bless,

Danny B
August, 2016

Taking Ron’s course has been the best thing I ever did for my voice over career. The wealth of knowledge and experience he brings is tremendous. After my first lesson with him, implementing some of his tips, I landed my first voice over job through my agency. The course provides a comprehensive guide to what you need to succeed in this business – from interpreting copy to how to market yourself and everything in between – all taught in a professional, patient and caring manner. You could not ask for a better teacher, a better mentor than Ron. Simply put, he is the best! Not very elegant perhaps but definitely heart-felt.

Jane B
August, 2016

Confidently, I can say, as a graduate of Ron AllanÂ’s Big Voice Productions, I am equipped with the voiceover tools to bring your message to life. Throughout the 22-week course, Ron encouraged me, was patient and he really changed my life. He provided the tools to develop a career that I had only worked in part-time. RonÂ’s class helped to take all of my previous work in radio, on-camera and voice over experiences to the next level. Ron meets you where you are and takes you beyond where you think you are going. And he doesnÂ’t drop you off at the end of the course. No, he adds you to his professional crop of talented voice over pros.

Susan R.
March, 2016

When I decided to pursue a career into Voice Acting, I started to do some research. I made friends with a number of well known Voice Actors via Facebook and Linked In. I learned quickly that almost all of the successful Voice Actors in the business started with training from a Voice Acting coach. As I looked into getting Voice Acting lessons, I found out there were many people claiming to be Voice Acting coaches and many were promising large incomes from Voice Acting. I read as many books as I could on Voice Acting and I even took a couple online courses. I needed someone to walk me through the basics and give me the facts on what I needed to be a successful Voice Actor. I decided to check with the contacts I had made on who they would recommend as a Voice Acting coach. Harlan Hogan has many recommendations for Voice Acting coaches on his website, and for the Midwest, he recommended Ron Allan's Big Voice Productions. I went on your website and I knew right away that you were the coach I was looking for! With his personal one on one approach, he makes sure you completely understands before you move on. If you are not willing to put the time in at home to put your lessons into practice, do not waste his time or your money. Ron will show you how to bring life to the script as well as help you make decisions on what equipment you need for your own home studio. He will also give you strategies on how to market your business as well as opportunities during the training to do commercials as well as seeing Ron 'in action' doing commercials. I would recommend anyone who is truly interested in becoming a Voice Actor, to take his course. It is more than worth the price!

Richard W
March, 2016

What is Voice Over?  We get that question a lot!  Voice Over has many applications, from Audio Books, TV and Radio commercials, industrial narrations to telephone greetings...It’s all Voice Over. BIG VOICE Productions trains individuals how to be a professional Voice Over talent and operate their own Voice Over business from home!

BIG VOICE Productions provides:

  • Professional Voice Over Training

  • Full-Service Post Audio Production

  • Voice Over Casting

  • Turn-key On-Hold Marketing Service, Including Equipment

BIG VOICE Productions, LLC , We Train Voice Over, We Do Voice Over...since 1998.


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