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My husband and I took our daughter and niece for an afternoon visit to the Ark. It was AMAZING! The size is larger than than my imagination could envision. It was a great way to let their minds explore just how this would have been built back in the day before electric and power tools. They also wondered about everyday life enclosed in the space with all the animals. Worth the drive and time to explore! PS Their frozen watermelon smoothies were perfect for a hot summer afternoon treat.

Bobbi J.
March, 2019

I visited the ARK Encounter with my wife and teenage daughter. It was truly an amazing experience to stand next to it and think about the work and planning that went into it back in Noah's day, without the use of technology we have today. Seeing the exhibits really brings it to life and helps to understand just how this was done back then.

Brian H.
March, 2019

My wife and I really enjoyed our visit at the Ark Encounter. So much larger than we ever expected. And, so much to see. Because we traveled from Central Indiana, we decided to stay at a nearby hotel the night before so we could spend the whole day there. A good idea for both of us. Starting early put us there when they opened and kept us ahead of most of the early crowds - at least until lunch time. Learned a lot from the movies at each end of the Ark. We've referred about 10 friends who also have now visited. They were amazed! However, we did let them know in advance there are elevators and electric scooters, too. The Bible history and the zoo were my favorites. I think I'm past the age for the zip lines - although I've enjoyed zip lines in the past. Highly recommend everyone experience the Ark Encounter. I learned so much about the construction & design of the Ark, too.

Mark J.
March, 2019

We give the Ark Encounter 5 stars!
From getting photos of the family outside with the massive Ark in the background, to viewing all the amazing exhibits, to watching the engaging videos, to the amazing food at Ezmara's kitchen, to the zoo where we saw a kangaroo inside its mother's pouch, the entire experience my family had at the Ark Encounter was truly memorable.

Darrel G
February, 2019

Amazing experience....just to see the size of the ark is incredible. My granddaughters were so excited to tell everyone that they saw THE ARK! It is a fun experience to help bring the Bible Story of Noah to life.

Cindy D.
February, 2019

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