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Amazing place for both salt & fresh water fish and supplies. They have a great selection of salt water fish and corals and are decently priced.

Alisha D.
May, 2020

Huge place with heart. They have a lot of selection, so many fish, with a wonderful (smaller) collection of reptiles. Ball pythons, boas, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, a lot of really great stuff. Employees are great and very helpful!

Christina A.
May, 2020

Staff is friendly.. knowledgeable.. great place to find unusual fish and aquarium items.

Vanessa B.
May, 2020

The staff is very knowledgeable on everything and hands down best pace for all your aquarium needs. The fish are way healthier and more colorful than what you would find at pet smart or any other chain store. This is the only place I go and travel over an hour to get there since I moved.

Scott C.
February, 2020

This place is amazing! This was our First time visiting the store today and the staff was amazing so friendly and helpful. We left with more fish to add to our tank and a beautiful healthy bearded dragon and we could not be happier! We will definitely be back, customers for life! Highly recommend!

Corey S.
February, 2020

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