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Nice store with a good selection of books and gifts. Super nice staff and the coffee shop has a great feel. I definitely recommend it!

Brian K.
April, 2019

I have been to Agape Books & Coffee a number of times. Sometimes i need to purchase an item (they always have a great selection) and other times I order coffee and utilize the sitting area to meet with clients. It is always a great experience!

Brian H.
March, 2019

Visited Agape Books & Coffee for the first time, and was very impressed. The store is very classy, well stocked with a variety of books, Bibles, and gifts, and the seating area is very spacious. A great environment for gathering with friends, for Bible study, or whatever. I highly recommend this place!

Darrel G.
January, 2019

What a great place to go and sit and relax. Enjoy reading, studying, or just catching up with friends. I haven't tried the coffee but I hear it is great. Nice to find those Christian gifts and music.

Melissa S.
September, 2018

Great coffee; even better owners and staff!!

Tessa S.
August, 2018

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