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Connecting with all generations! Are you web, mobile, or print geared?
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Our sales, graphics, and admin team are available to customize your marketing strategy.


On-line Advertising Opportunities

  • Now featuring customer reviews for added consumer confidence and buy-in.
  • Multiple advertising options to choose from.
  • Product and service listings updated daily.
  • Banner advertising packages locally and nationally.
  • Listing enhancements for greater visibility.
  • Direct results through deals and coupons.

Printed Business Directories

  • Annual publication distributed "free" through churches, bookstores, select grocery and retail outlets.
  • Custom designed color display ads.
  • High profile cover and premium ad options.
  • Coupon advertising - track customer response.

Distribution Locations


Christmas Carol Songbook

  • Display advertising during #1 retail season, focusing on celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Read-aloud Christmas story.
  • Traditional Christ centered Christmas carols.
  • Display ads with Christmas themes.
  • Product and service listings.
  • Ever popular with consumers...requests starting months in advance.

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